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Bernadette Ann


Certified Herbal Practitioner 

Reiki Master   

(587) 577-0464

About Bernadette

Bernadette's skill set helps her clients find balance in their health and their lives. Life is stressful, she can help you not just cope but thrive. Specializing in providing support for those suffering from anxiety and recovering from trauma, she works to find the right combination of treatments to give her clients relief. Having experienced it herself, she understands that healing occurs in layers and often a multi pronged approach is required to recover. She is able to address each layer of that healing process with custom herbal remedies and reiki treatments targeting each client's specific needs. She respects each client's healing journey, and let's them determine the pace, direction and focus of each treatment. To ensure that they get results she gives them nutrition, lifestyle and supplement recommendations as well as exercises to continue their healing at home.

Bernadette is the owner and operator of the Love, Light and Healing Holistic Health Clinic. The clinic has been operating in some form since 2008. Its current location is in south Calgary and is known for its reiki cats and unique reiki infused herbal remedies.