Meet your board - Bernadette Ann, Vice President

Bernadette Ann BPE, RP-CRA, RH

Registered Herbalist

Reiki Master

I am delighted to be able to contribute to the board this year as Vice President. Since I first heard about the board in 2016 I have been a member. I strongly believe that for herbalism to come out of the shadows and be considered a viable health option by the general public we need a strong, professional and unified voice that only an active and strong professional association can provide. We have so many talented and knowledgeable herbalists in this province that make a huge difference in so many lives every day. It is a travesty that so many of them have to fight so hard to make a living and to get recognition for the vital work that they do. I joined the board to try and change that.

I became an herbalist because I was fascinated by the concept that right under our feet readily available to anyone, lies medicine that can heal. All we need to do is learn how to unlock their secrets that they hold. I love getting to know each plant, seeing how they interact with my clients and discovering their secrets. It’s like getting to know old friends.

As many of you I aspire to own some land one day so that I can spend my days with my common-law husband surrounded by grandchildren from my three kids (yet to arrive), plants and animals. For now I am content to work in my garden, ride my hunter/jumper and watch the cats chase each other around the house.

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