Enter The AHA 2021 Photo Contest

Thimble Berry Flower

Thimble Berry Flower in the Rockies by Kalyn Kodiak

Fresh Morel Mushroom

Fresh Morel Mushroom by Erik Ponomar


Coltsfoot by Rodrigo Campos

Share your perspective and help us create a fun event for 2021! The photos you submit must include plants or fungi as the subject, either in their natural setting or dried (I'm liken it!). Wildlife, animals, containers and architecture may be included. All photos submitted must be the entrant's own work.


 Email your photo entry to info@albertaherbalists.com before Sept 13, 2021.


Prizes include a free membership or 50% off membership for 2022 as well as herbal teas and herbal products. By entering this contest, you grant the AHA permission to use your credited work in future projects. If you do not grant this permission, please contact us directly at info@albertaherbalists.com to let us know.


*The above Plant and Fungi Photography was submitted by Local Artists in previous years. We will update the 2021 gallery as  we start to receive new works.