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2020 President's Message - Kalyn Kodiak

Kalyn Kodiak CIH

Clinical Herbalist



Happy New Year to our Herbalists & Supporters!

It is a humbling honour to step into the shoes of President at the AHA this year. Following in the footsteps of Jeananne Laing, AHA President 2014-2019, is no small feat. Jeananne used her experience as a member on both the CCHA (Canadian Council of Herbalists Associations) & the previous Alberta herbalists association to lead us through the twists and turns of creating a government-recognized, not-for-profit society, all the while guiding with her steady advice and support.

I would like to thank Jeananne & previous board members for their work over the past 5 years. The massive undertaking of starting up the AHA, into which they poured their talents, time, and hearts, will create a legacy for the people of Alberta for generations to come.

My Vision for 2020 & Beyond

Herbalists are keepers of traditional knowledge who respect and protect the natural circles of life, where humans live in a give-and-take relationship with plants, animals, microbes, land, and water. Whether we are trained in a school or by an elder we recognize that nature has provided the medicines to help us. As a result we are in a unique position to not only defend the individual’s right to choice in personal healthcare, but to also conserve the very plants we use to heal.It is my vision for Herbalists to lead the way by uniting under one strong voice.

We begin this work by committing to:

1. Support and disseminate the work of the Canadian Council of Herbalists Associations (CCHA). These are the people who are talking to Health Canada on behalf of herbal practitioners and producers. They represent our interests when it comes to access to herbs and nutrients, labeling and marketing requirements and other regulations regarding medicinal herbs. The AHA sends 1-2 members to act as volunteers on the CCHA board, representing the interests of Alberta herbalists.

2. Reach out to engage herbalists and supporters from across Alberta. We are seeking correspondents in all towns, cities or reserves across the province – please email us to learn more about opening a chapter in your area.

3. Share the importance of plants – as medicine, food, shelter, clothing, raw material, fodder, fertilizers, cleaners, recyclers, and oxygen producers – and how to protect and use them with the public through workshops, consulting and continuing education.

New Board Members

We have a board that is bigger than ever in 2020! The enthusiasm of our new board members is inspirational, and we will be rolling out a few new projects this year to benefit AHA members. We’re expanding beyond the work of creating a board and society and moving into the realms of advocacy & community service – it’s a very exciting time! Projects will be announced via newsletter as well as in the members area of the website as the visions are finalized.

New Website & Member’s Only Portal

We started this year with a brand-new website & Member’s Only Portal! Members can create & customize their profile and post questions, events, videos, and blogs by signing in to . Our new online registration process makes it easy to buy or renew your membership, and will send you a reminder when it’s time to renew.

Alberta Herb Gathering 2020 – Camp Jubilee

The Alberta Herb Gathering 2020 will be held at the beautiful riverside Camp Jubilee, on a private 78-acre stretch of mixed prairie and parkland next to Cochrane, Alberta. Information & earlybird tickets are available at .

Call out for Worktraders & workshop Presenters:

Potential presenters can email a biography and 2-3 workshop descriptions to to apply as a presenter.

Potential worktraders (pay half, work half) can contact Zoe (

to apply for worktrade.

AHA & CCHA Board Postions Available

We have an open position as a CCHA (Canadian Council of Herbalists Associations) representative for the province of Alberta. The CCHA rep. is a volunteer who attends monthly teleconferencing meetings with herbalists across Canada, and may participate in meetings and projects with the government of Canada. To apply for this position, please send a short biography and letter of intent to .

The AHA board has a vacancy in the executive position of Treasurer. This is a volunteer position that requires 2-4 hours of commitment per month, including 1 board meeting monthly. To apply for this position, please send a short biography and letter of intent to

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