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Volunteers Needed Now on AHA Committees & Board

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

From: Elizabeth Chabassol, AHA Secretary

Volunteers are the heart blood of the Alberta Herbalist Association. Everything from the Board

of Directors to committees to our events is organized and run by volunteers. The time

commitment for volunteers varies depending on the position. Volunteering to become a

member of the Board of Directors requires nomination and election at the Annual General

Meeting, however, participation within a standing committee or helping with an event does


**Nominate Yourself or another AHA Member for AHA Board Position Using this Form for 2022 Elections.**

Any member of the AHA can volunteer to work with a committee or event. In some cases,

the chair of an event may place a limit on volunteers due to the number of positions/jobs

involved. Below is a brief overview of our committees and board positions that are filled by



The AHA currently has 4 standing committees:

- Membership Committee

 - Marketing Committee

 - Events Committee

 - Policy & Bylaw Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for processing membership applications,

vetting professional applications to ensure compliance with educational standards,

sending out professional certificates, and dealing with questions related to membership.

This committee works closely with and is usually chaired by the Registrar.

The Marketing Committee is responsible for promotion of the association, especially

with respect to membership, advertising of events, professional member profiles (as

permitted by the member), promotion of business members and production of the

quarterly newsletter.

The Events Committee is responsible for the creation and organization of all AHA

events. Past events include: the Alberta Herb Gathering, Photo Contest, Herb Mixer,

Herb Walks, AHA Picnic. This committee works very closely with the Marketing


The Policy & Bylaw Committee is responsible for creating board policy and

reviewing/updating the Bylaws of the AHA. This committee attempts to ensure that

policies and bylaws are followed and should a bylaw be ambiguous or conflict with

another seeks a solution. This can take the form of a new policy, changing a policy, or

presenting bylaw changes to the membership at the AGM.

The AHA also has 2 seasonal committees:

- Alberta Herb Gathering Committee

 - Nominations Committee

Alberta Herb Gathering Committee is responsible for the organization of the annual

Alberta Herb Gathering. The formation of this committee is usually around

January/February and remains active until the event in July at which time it is dissolved

until the next year.

Nominations Committee is a seasonal committee responsible for collecting board

nominations from the membership and preparing the voting process for the election

held during the AGM. It is active in the months prior to the AGM usually from August

until October.

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the engine of the AHA. The board deals with all the of the day-to-day tasks necessary for the Society to function and remain in good standing with Alberta Corporate Registries. This includes, but is not limited to, answering questions, dealing with finances, ensuring the preparation of yearly Tax Returns, Financial Statements and Annual Returns, and monitoring the activities of committees.

The board consists of 9 positions: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Registrar, and 4 Members-at Large. Each is an elected position and has a two-year term. The President can not serve more than 2 consecutive terms in 6-year period. Activities and duties of the Board are designated in the Bylaws.

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1 Comment

I would love to be involved if possible. I’m from Ontario with a Forestry Diploma and BSc in Biology so I have lots of knowledge already. Anything I can do to help let me know please. Stephanie

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