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Meet your board - Dagmar Holland, Member at Large

Dagmar Holland B.Sc. (Hons.) biology

Artist Herbalist

Thinking back to my childhood, remembering how often I spent time alone in the woods, I realize my affinity for nature is a deep and sacred part of who I am. I wanted to work with nature, taking care of animals or doing biological field work and this inspired me to study biological sciences at the University of Guelph.

After working in research at the U of Alberta in animal science for a few years, life took a different trajectory, I attended art college, went into partnership as an illustrator and enjoyed the pleasure of having children. After discovering tai chi and navigating a particularly confusing time in mid life, I became interested in a new way of seeing health and healing, coming back to the wholeness of nature.

Years later I began to work in health food stores and eventually was able to attend David Winston’s program at the Center for Herbal Studies. I currently work in retail, assisting people with herbal and nutritional recommendations. It is my pleasure to assist the board in efforts to keep the practice of herbalism vital and I feel my own values in harmony with this community. I am excited to keep exploring ways to engage with plants and plant medicine.

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