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Meet your board - Tracy Sharuga, Member at Large

Tracy Marie Sharuga HHP, RH, DipofPhyto

Medical Herbalist

Tracy is a Holistic Health Practitioner, and a Medical Herbalist devoted to helping people achieve wellness goals related to healing physically, mentally, and spiritually with the use of plant medicine.

Tracy is a graduate of Holistic Health at Grant McEwan University where she specialized in Herbology, Nutrition, and Acupressure. Tracy gained medical and clinical skills with the primary focus of treating people with plant medicine in Victoria, BC at Pacific Rim College graduating with a Diploma of Phytotherapy.

Tracy is the owner of Herb and Pestle Health where she consults one-on-one with clients formulating and providing individualized treatment plans and plant medicine formulas – as well as producing her own line of products to enhance the well being of a greater number of people in a holistic way. She also helps students studying plant medicine by providing clinical training.

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