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The AHA will Pay for Some of your Herbal Education

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Bursary applications for students enrolled in the ​January to December 2023 educational year are now open! Applications will be received until December 15, 2022. Bursary amount(s) will be awarded by December 31, 2022. Bursaries are funds for students in financial need. Unlike loans, they do not have to be repaid.

For the 2023 year we are awarding two bursaries of $500 each. To be eligible for an AHA bursary, you must be able to demonstrate financial need for the 2022 year and meet the enrolment requirements.

Financial-need criteria

1) Exhaustion or shortfall of available funding sources, including government student loans, savings including TFSAs, scholarships and awards, and family support

2) Demonstration of financial plan to fund herbal educational program or career plan of choice

3) Exceptional or extenuating circumstances causing financial shortfall

Other requirements

1) You must be in satisfactory academic standing or greater based on your most recent term grades if currently attending a herbal institution (overall average of 70%)

2) You must be currently attending classes at a herbal institution either in class or on-line at the time of your application OR

3) You must be registered for the academic year in which this bursary applies

4) Both full-time and part-time students are eligible to apply

5) Herbal practicum costs in the current bursary year that are part of a herbal institution degree are also eligible

6) You must be a current student member of AHA and maintain your membership during the awarded bursary year.

7) Your main residence must be in Alberta

8) Student members that already have volunteer hours with AHA will be given preference.

9) The student(s) awarded the bursary must write a short article (500 words) for the AHA spring newsletter describing their career goals and how the bursary helped them.

Note: If you do not meet the eligibility requirements above due to an extenuating circumstance but you would like us to consider your application, please contact with an explanation of your situation before applying and we will advise you whether or not to proceed.

How to apply

1) Review the above guidelines

2) Become a AHA Student Member.

2) Visit the Member's Resources page and complete the application form.

The application will be open yearly, contingent on available funding.​ The number and amount of bursaries varies and is contingent on the current yearly amount of donations, membership fees and ​Alberta Herb Gathering​ revenue. ​Any questions about the application can be sent to

Notification Process

Applications are assessed in the order they are received, then reviewed and the recipients of the bursary will be selected by the AHA board in December. Notification of the results of your bursary application will be given after the December AHA board meeting.

How to accept and receive funds

If you receive a bursary offer, you will be notified by e-mail and upon your acknowledgement of the email and a 500 word written article as stated in the criteria, you will receive the bursary amount via cheque or Paypal.

Note: Your acceptance email will include a deadline. If you do not accept the offer before the deadline, it will be revoked and given to another applicant.

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